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Table 1 List of investigated glycoside hydrolases of C. stercorarium

From: The hemicellulose-degrading enzyme system of the thermophilic bacterium Clostridium stercorarium: comparative characterisation and addition of new hemicellulolytic glycoside hydrolases

Accession number Protein name Modules SP Lit.
AGC67981.1 Bga2B GH2  
AGC67186.1 Bga2E GH2  
AGC67268.1 Bga2D GH2  
AGC67637.1 Bga2C GH2  
AGC68382.1 Uid2A GH2  
AGC67275.1 Bxl3B GH3 [17]
AGC67337.1 Bgl3Z GH3 [17]
AGC67350.1 GH3  
AGC68204.1 GH3, CBM6  
AGC68338.1 Nag3A GH3 22 AA  
AGC68873.1 Cel9Z GH9, 2× CBM3, 2× CBMX2 27 AA [19, 20]
AGC67515.1 Xyn10E GH10  
AGC67677.1 Xyn10C GH10, CBM9, 2× CBM22 29 AA [17, 25]
AGC67715.1 Xyn10B GH10 34 AA [17, 24]
AGC67759.1 Xyn10D GH10  
AGC68909.1 Xyn11A GH11, 3× CBM6 30 AA [17, 23]
AGC68130.1 Man26A GH26, CBM35 26 AA  
AGC68671.1 GH27  
AGC67830.1 GH28  
AGC67947.1 GH28  
AGC67128.1 GH29  
AGC68208.1 Bxl31D GH31  
AGC69232.1 Bga35A GH35  
AGC68033.1 GH38  
AGC67890.1 Bxl39A GH39 [17]
AGC67716.1 Axh43A 2× GH43, CBM6 29 AA  
AGC67945.1 Arf43A GH43 [17]
AGC68110.1 Arf43C GH43  
AGC68111.1 Abn43A GH43 31 AA  
AGC67521.1 Xyl43B GH43 [28]
AGC67885.1 Xyl43A GH43 [27]
AGC69509.1 Bxl43C GH43  
AGC67626.1 Arf51B GH51 [17, 56]
AGC68692.1 Gal53A GH53, 4× CBM61 33 AA  
AGC69355.1 Agu67A GH67 [30]
AGC68061.1 Ram78A GH78 13 AA [16, 31]
AGC69452.1 GH88  
AGC67127.1 GH95  
AGC68039.1 Xyn105F GH105  
AGC67892.1 GH105  
AGC67946.1 GH105  
AGC68044.1 GH105  
AGC68046.1 GH105  
AGC67967.1 GH115 25 AA  
AGC67053.1 GH127  
AGC67292.1 GH127  
AGC67072.1 RamB GHnc  
AGC68062.1 BglA GHnc  
AGC69032.1 GHnc  
AGC69275.1 ArfD GHnc  
  1. GenBank accession number, GH family, CBMs, and predicted signal peptide (SP) are listed; enzymes with proven activity are additionally listed with protein name. CBM modules were obtained from the CAZy and the Pfam database [8, 57, 58]. Literature (Lit.) to previously characterised enzymes is indicated. Signal peptides were predicted with the SignalP 4.1 server and a default cutoff value of 0.3 [42]. GHnc Non-classified glycoside hydrolases