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Table 2 Relative quantity (RQ) of GAL2 gene expression levels for cultivations of S. cerevisiae DS61180 under microaerobic conditions in shake flasks on the substrates d-glucose, d-galactose, and l-arabinose in minimal medium

From: l-Arabinose triggers its own uptake via induction of the arabinose-specific Gal2p transporter in an industrial Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain

Substrates RQ of GAL2 (%)
Single substrates
 d-Glucose (negative control) 0.52 (± 0.04)
 d-Galactose (positive control and reference) 100.01 (± 3.71)
 l-Arabinose 21.29 (± 0.84)
Mixed substrates
 d-Glucose/l-arabinose mixture (growth on d-glucose in presence of l-arabinose) 0.23 (± 0.05)
 d-Glucose/l-arabinose mixture (growth on l-arabinose after d-glucose depletion) 4.06 (± 0.22)
  1. Substrates were either provided as single substrates or as mixture of d-glucose and l-arabinose. SGA1 was used as endogenous control and the cultivation on d-galactose served as reference. Given errors indicate standard deviations from three measurements of biological duplicates (n = 6)