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Fig. 3

From: Improving enzymatic digestibility of wheat straw pretreated by a cellulase-free xylanase-secreting Pseudomonas boreopolis G22 with simultaneous production of bioflocculants

Fig. 3

Effects of a pretreatment time (5–25 days), b substrate concentration using the 15 days pretreated wheat straw, and c enzyme content using the 15 days pretreated wheat straw on reducing sugars production in Pseudomonas boreopolis G22-pretreated wheat straw. The hydrolysis experiments were performed at 50 °C with shaking at 200 rpm in the 0.05 M citrate buffer (pH 4.8) containing 0.005% (w/v) sodium azide. Values represent mean ± SDs (n = 4)

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