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Fig. 2

From: Stacking of a low-lignin trait with an increased guaiacyl and 5-hydroxyguaiacyl unit trait leads to additive and synergistic effects on saccharification efficiency in Arabidopsis thaliana

Fig. 2

Cellulose-to-glucose conversions. Cellulose-to-glucose conversions of the tra2 comt-1, c4h-3 comt-4, and 4cl1-1 comt-4 double mutants, wild type, and the corresponding parental lines, without, with acid, and with alkaline pretreatment. The conversions were calculated based on the saccharification efficiency and cellulose content (both on CWR basis) and are expressed in % converted cellulose at the moment the plateau was reached. a Cellulose-to-glucose conversion for tra2 comt-1 and its respective control lines. b Cellulose-to-glucose conversion for c4h-3 comt-4 and its respective control lines. c Cellulose-to-glucose conversion for 4cl1-1 comt-4 and its respective control lines. The error bars represent standard deviations (n = 10). Significance is presented as significance groups, and values with the same letter do not differ significantly from each other at the 0.05 significance level (ANOVA, pairwise comparison Holm correction)

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