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Table 2 Genes with nonsynonymous variants in two major and two minor QTLs

From: QTL analysis reveals genomic variants linked to high-temperature fermentation performance in the industrial yeast

QTLs Chr Start (bp) End (bp) Length (bp) LOD score Affected gene Mutation (S288c genome as a reference)
ScY01α-tp W65a-sp
Major QTLs
 QTL1 II 408,800 553,700 144,900 17 RXT2 332 G>C (R111G) Wild type
       VID24 154 C>T (P52S) Wild type
 QTL2 XII 595,800 633,500 37,700 300 ECM22 1954 G>A (G652S) Wild type
       VPS34 1773 C>G (D591E) Wild type
       CSC1 1126 C>A (Q376K) Wild type
Minor QTLs
 QTL3 XV 174,500 184,900 10,400 272 IRA2 Wild type 7222 C>A (P2408T)
       AVO1 Wild type 2558 T>C (V853A)
 QTL4 XVI 228,200 238,100 9900 155 DAP1 Wild type 115 G>A (V39I)