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Table 1 Novel regulatory genes potentially regulating cellulase production in P. oxalicum during SSF

From: Differential transcriptomic profiling of filamentous fungus during solid-state and submerged fermentation and identification of an essential regulatory gene PoxMBF1 that directly regulated cellulase and xylanase gene expression

Gene ID GenBank accession number InterPro annotationa Domain description Known homologous TFs under SmFb Identity (%)
POX00972 MK389644 IPR004827 Basic leucine zipper (bZIP) ClrC 100
POX01183 MK389645 IPR001138 Zinc finger: Zn2Cys6 type NA NA
POX02083 MK389646 IPR001138 Zinc finger: Zn2Cys6 type NA NA
POX03888 MK389647 IPR001138 Zinc finger: Zn2Cys6 type PrtT 100
POX04772 KY860736 IPR009071 High mobility group box HmbB 41
POX04860 KY922971 IPR009057 Homeodomain-like PDE_07199 99
POX05692 MK389648 IPR008967 p53-like Vib1 NA
POX05726 KY860737 IPR007087 Zinc finger: C2H2 type NA NA
POX06377 MK389649 IPR007396 PAI2-type PAIB 27
POX08292 MK389650 IPR001387 Helix–turn–helix type 3 Mbf1p 51
POX08910 KY860739 IPR009057
Homeodomain-like; SWIRM domain NA NA
POX09124 MK389651 IPR001138 Zinc finger: Zn2Cys6 type NA NA
POX09469 MK389652 IPR011991 Winged helix repressor DNA-binding domain NA NA
POX09500 MK389653 IPR001138
Zinc finger, Zn2Cys6 type; Fungal_Trans NA NA
  1. aIPR, InterPro database (
  2. bTF, transcription factor: ClrC and PrtT from P. oxalicum 114-2 (EPS34061.1 and EPS29021.1); Vib1 from Neurospora crassa OR74A (XP_011394570.1); PAIB from Saccharomyces cerevisiae 131 (ONH80768.1); HmbB from A. nidulans FGSC A4 (XP_658871); Mbf1p from S. cerevisiae S288C (NP_014942.4)