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Table 1 List of strains, received as Blastobotrys adeninivorans and reassigned to two different species

From: Blastobotrys adeninivorans and B. raffinosifermentans, two sibling yeast species which accumulate lipids at elevated temperatures and from diverse sugars

Strain Synonym Isolated from By Reference New species assignment
CBS 8244T CSIR 577, CLIB 1468 Soil, The Netherlands (adenine-enrichment) Middelhoven, 1983 [2] B. adeninivorans (type strain)
CBS 7766   Reptile (liver and intestines), Sweden Mattsson, 1993   B. adeninivorans
CBS 7350   Maize silage, The Netherlands Middelhoven, 1987   B. adeninivorans
LS3   Wood hydrolysates, Russia (Siberia) Kapultsevich, selected as industrial strain [9] B. raffinosifermentans
CBS 8335   Soil (clay-like, pH 8.5), Italy Middelhoven 1996   B. raffinosifermentans
CBS 7370 CSIR 1117 Soil (humus-rich), South Africa van der Walt [3] B. raffinosifermentans
CBS 7377 CSIR 1118 Soil, South Africa van der Walt, 1988 [3] B. raffinosifermentans
  1. CSIR Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (Pretoria, South Africa), CLIB CIRM-Levures (France)