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Table 1 Assignments of FTIR peaks in lignin and lignocellulose samples

From: Laccase pretreatment of wheat straw: effects of the physicochemical characteristics and the kinetics of enzymatic hydrolysis

Wavenumber (cm−1) Assignment
3318 Stretching vibration of hydroxyl group of hydrogen bond
1734 C=O stretching of unconjugated ketone, carbonyls, and ester groups
1640, 1633 C=C stretching vibration peak in benzene ring
1510 Ring stretching vibration peak of benzene ring
1420 Deformation peak of C–H within vibration plane of aromatic ring skeleton
1267 The C–O stretching of G type lignin
1250 C–O stretching vibration in phenolic hydroxyl group
1240 Stretching vibrations of the in hemicellulose acetyl esters
1106 Carbonyl stretching vibrational peaks linked to lignin and aromatic rings
1030 C–O stretching in cellulose and hemicellulose
896 C–O–C stretching at β-glucosidic linkages in cellulose and hemicellulose