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Fig. 8

From: Enhanced cellulase production by decreasing intercellular pH through H+-ATPase gene deletion in Trichoderma reesei RUT-C30

Fig. 8

Growth and cellulase production of Δ76238 by optimizing the medium. a Biomass dry weight of T. reesei strains was measured after being grown in different optimizing seed media, with yeast extract, tryptone, and wheat bran as candidate extra nitrogen sources at different concentrations (0.5% to 2%). b FPase activity, PNPCase activity, and biomass dry weight of Δ76238 were measured. Δ76238 was cultivated in 100 mL MA medium containing 5 g/L yeast extract and 20 g/L glucose in the early phase (3 days), and was then transferred to 1 L MA medium containing 20 g/L glucose with 10% inoculation. c Flow chart of the process of Δ76238 for cellulase production in a jar fermenter. Values are the mean ± SD of the results from three independent experiments

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