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Table 3 Summary of fermentations with the YG01_SDBN strain in a fermentor

From: Production of 2,3-butanediol from glucose and cassava hydrolysates by metabolically engineered industrial polyploid Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Fed-batch fermentation with YP medium Up to 49 h Overall      
Concentration of 2,3-BDO (g/L) 129 178      
Yield of 2,3-BDO (g 2,3-BDO/g glucose) 0.313 0.335      
Productivity of 2,3-BDO (g/L h) 2.64 1.88      
Fermentation with cassava hydrolysates Products (g/L) Yield of 2,3-BDO (g 2,3-BDO/g glucose) Productivity of 2,3-BDO (g/L h)
DCW 2,3-BDO Glycerol Acetoin Ethanol
Batch 9.55 81.2 51.5 1.17 N/D 0.305 1.89
Fed-batch 8.45 132 69.4 1.19 N/D 0.324 1.92
  1. ND not detected