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Fig. 4

From: Metabolic engineering Escherichia coli for efficient production of icariside D2

Fig. 4

Metabolic engineering E. coli monoculture for production of icariside D2 from glucose. a The genetic characteristics of strain BMT18 (DE3). Red crosses indicated the deleted genes. Darken bold arrows indicated the overexpressed genes (aroGfbr, aroE, and tyrAfbr) in the chromosome. Green arrows indicated the heterologous genes. G6P glucose 6-phosphate, G1P glucose 1-phosphate, E4P erythrose 4-phosphate, PEP phosphoenolpyruvate, PYR pyruvate, DAHP 3-deoxyarabino-heptulonate 7-phosphate, SHK shikimate, CHA chorismic acid, PHE phenylalanine, TYR tyrosine, fbr feedback inhibition resistance. b Fermentation of strain BMD8, derived from BMT18 (DE3) harboring two plasmids pLX2 and pLXD8. c Fermentation of strain BMD10, derived from BMT18 (DE3) harboring one plasmid pLXD9

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