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Table 2 Comparison of experimental H2 production rates and duration by the Green Alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii

From: Re-routing photosynthetic energy for continuous hydrogen production in vivo

StrainConditions\light intensity, µmol photons m−2 s−1Max H2 Production rate, mL [H2] d−1 L−1 cultureTotal duration (d)Refs.
CC-124Sulfur deprivation\60117Steinbeck et al. [21]
Dang 137+Magnesium deprivation\80107Volgusheva et al. [53]
Dang 137+Phosphorus deprivation\45236Batyrova et al. [52]
704Low light\225.33Jurado-Oller et al. [31]
CC-124Light fluctuations\20019.53Kosourov et al. [33]
CC-124CO2 limitation\320504Nagy et al. [24]
C3 mutantLow light\30342Krishna et al. [25]
HS-14Non-limiting\1802014Present study
  1. If not described by the text, H2 Production rate was calculated according to the publications figures. If necessary, units were converted to mL [H2] using PV = nRT equation