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Table 1 Relative proportion of cellobiose out of the total products released from the hydrolysis of CMC, PASC and Avicel and calculated degree of processivity of various cellulases used in this study

From: Valorization of waste forest biomass toward the production of cello-oligosaccharides with potential prebiotic activity by utilizing customized enzyme cocktails

Enzyme nameCMCPASCAvicel
% cellobioseDegree of processivity (P)% cellobioseDegree of processivity (P)% cellobioseDegree of processivity (P)
1. CcCel48A49.41.957.22.561.61.9
2. CtCbh5A78.34.771.12.4793.6
3. CtCel9A33.71.847.71.452.22.2
4. CtCbh9A44.80.800.70
5. CtCel9B70.82.675.43.870.12.3
6. PaCbh6A85.
7. CcCel9W53.
8. CcCel9M25.20.8300.5360.4
9. CcCel9R14.80.4160.6300.5
10. CcCel9A81.43.880.73.785.25.5
11. CsCbh48A59.
12. CcCel9J000
13. CcCel9Q591.860.11.6742.8
14. RfCel9A44.21.935.51.656.92.7