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Table 2 Run conditions for each CEH experiment

From: A two-phase substrate model for enzymatic hydrolysis of lignocellulose: application to batch and continuous reactors

Target reactor \(f_{\text{is}}\)\(5\%\)\(7.5\%\)\(8.5\%\)
Enzyme loadingmg/g101010
Enzyme solution feed ratekg/h0.1380.0720.054
Enzyme feed concentrationg/L0.892.73.6
PT slurry feed ratekg/h0.420.4260.348
PT slurry \(f_{\text{is}}\)\(5\%\)\(7.5\%\)\(10\%\)
Permeate ratekg/h0.2760.2220.152
Purge ratekg/h0.2820.2760.250
Nominal residence Timeh17.718.120.0