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Table 1 Comparison of the co-fermentation performance of XUSEA with those of previously reported recombinant xylose-utilizing S. cerevisiae strains in a high-level mixed synthetic sugar medium

From: Improved simultaneous co-fermentation of glucose and xylose by Saccharomyces cerevisiae for efficient lignocellulosic biorefinery

StrainDescriptionCulture mediumGlucose (g L−1)Xylose (g L−1)Overall xylose consumption rate (g g−1 h−1)Overall total sugar consumption rate (g g−1 h−1)Max. ethanol concentration (g L−1)Overall ethanol productivity (g g−1 h−1)Ethanol yield (g g−1)References
XUSEAaBY4741, xylA*3, TAL1, XKS1, RPE1, Δgre3, Δpho13, Δasc1, evolvedDefined CSM medium39.622.80.220.6129.10.280.47This study
XUSEABY4741, xylA*3, TAL1, XKS1, RPE1, Δgre3, Δpho13, Δasc1, evolved76460.10.2956.70.140.48
XUSEBY4741, xylA*3, TAL1, XKS1, Δgre3, Δpho13, evolved20200.110.2318.70.110.46[12]
SR8ND452-2, Xyl1, Xyl2, Xyl3, Δald6, noxE, evolvedRich YP medium70400.190.52470.220.431[37]
SXA-R2P-EBY4741, xylA*3, TAL1, XKS1, Δgre3, Δpho13, evolvedDefined CSM medium74.[11]
DXSD452-2, mtxyl1, xyl2, xyl3Rich YP medium70400.150.4644.50.190.427[38]
GLBRCY 128NRRL YB-210 MATa, xylA, XYL3, TAL1, evolvedRich YP medium60300.070.43340.190.43[39]
LF1BSIF (diploid), Δgre3, Δpho13, xylA, XK, PPP, MGT05196 N360F, evolvedRich YP medium80400.381.04570.490.475[31]
STXQDiploid strain of 36α2XpXpUN (Industrial ATCC 24860, ∆gre3, xylA, XK, PPP, evolved) with 39a2XoNK (ATCC 24860, ∆gre3, ∆cyc3, ∆ura3, xylA, XK, PPP, evolved)Rich YP medium162950.421.13120.60.530.48[32]
CIBTS0735Industrial CCTCC M94055 (diploid), Δgre3, xylA, XKS1, TAL1, RPE1, TKL1, RKI1, GXF1, evolvedRich YP medium80400.190.57530.250.45[40]
P5E49Industrial NAPX37, Δxyl1, Δxyl2, Δgre3, xylA, Bgl1, Hxt7, Gxs1, evolvedRich YP medium50370.170.4734.10.20.447[41]
JX123_noxEIndustrial JHS200, xyl1, xyl2, xyl3, noxE.Rich YP medium70400.180.5470.210.43[24]
424A (LNH-ST)Industrial strain, xyl1, xyl2, XKS1Rich YEP medium704045.60.43[19]
36aS1.10.4Industrial ATCC 24860, ∆gre3, xylA, XK, PPP, evolvedDefined YNB medium62380.20.4641.070.210.42[42]
MEC 1121Industrial PE-2, xyl1, xyl2, XKS1, TAL1Rich YP medium382719.60.31[43]
  1. aFermentation conducted at 33 °C