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Table 6 Fluxes used to calculate estimates of target acid yield and time of substrate depletion for fitness evaluation

From: In silico evolution of Aspergillus niger organic acid production suggests strategies for switching acid output

Growth phase 1
t0 < t < tc
\(\mu_{1}\)Specific growth rate
\(f_{1}\)Substrate input flux (e.g. glucose)
\(q\)External phosphate input flux
Growth phase 2
tc < t < tf
\(\mu_{2}\)Specific growth rate
\(f_{2}\)Substrate input flux (e.g. glucose)
\(p_{2}\)Target acid output flux
  1. The fluxes from the time-point in growth phase 1 were used to estimate \(t_{c}\), \(A_{c}\), and \(S_{c}\), where \(t_{c}\) is the time of external phosphate depletion and switch to growth phase 2, and \(A_{c}\) and \(S_{c}\) are the amounts of biomass and substrate at \(t_{c}\), respectively