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Table 4 Fermentation efficiency of A. succinogenes fed-batch cultures carried out using OFMSW hydrolysate

From: Evaluation of organic fractions of municipal solid waste as renewable feedstock for succinic acid production

Initial and consumed carbon sources (g/L)aNitrogen source (g/L)MgCO3 (g/L)Succinic acid (g/L)Yield (g/g)aProductivity (g/L/h)By-product: succinic acid (g/g)
50 (57.9)5 g/L CSL528.70.500.410.37
50 (68.4)5 g/L YE534.30.500.750.59
50 (55.1)531.10.560.620.30
50 (57.1)1031.70.560.720.25
50 (58.4)2034.80.600.790.25
  1. aConsumed carbon source is presented in the brackets; succinic acid to sugars conversion yield has been calculated based on quantity (g) of succinic acid produced during fermentation and the quantity (g) of total sugars added in the bioreactor