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Table 1 Performance and comparisons of rhamnolipids production using anti-foam agents and foam-control system

From: Enhanced rhamnolipids production using a novel bioreactor system based on integrated foam-control and repeated fed-batch fermentation strategy

ComparisonsAnti-foam agentsFoam-control system
Interval of defoaming agent (h)2.0–6.0No need
Dosage (μL)20–100
Total amount of defoamer (mL)4.5 ± 0.5 mL
Maximum dry biomass (g/L)7.61 ± 1.139.24 ± 0.92
Rhamnolipid (g/L)29.96 ± 0.8945.63 ± 3.36
Yield (g/g)a0.50 ± 0.070.76 ± 0.11
  1. a Yield of rhamnolipids production was calculated based on total colza oil consumption