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Fig. 4

From: Integration of proteome and transcriptome refines key molecular processes underlying oil production in Nannochloropsis oceanica

Fig. 4Fig. 4

Overview of carbon fixation, transfer, and conversion to lipids. Heatmap shows the log2-fold changes of transcriptome in FPKM and proteome in LFQ intensity between N− and N+ . It presents the change tendencies of genes related to carbon fixation, transfer, and conversion to lipids. To compare our data to former data from Li et al. [6], those genes mentioned in both our and their study were labeled green and genes only mentioned in this paper were set to orange. Purple arrows show the carbon flows. a is about the photosynthetic pathways and b is about the reactions in mitochondrion and Kennedy pathway. Additional file 3: Table S2 contains the underlying data and full-length gene names

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