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Table 1 Yeast strains used in this study

From: Engineering endogenous ABC transporter with improving ATP supply and membrane flexibility enhances the secretion of β-carotene in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Yeast strain Parental strain Genotypea Source
FY1679-01B S288C MATa; ura3-52 Euroscarf
YBX-YB/I FY1679-01B Δgal1-10-7::TADH1-CrtI-PGAL10-PGAL1-CrtYB-TCYC1 This study
YBX-01 YBX-YB/I Δgal80::TADH1-CrtE-PGAL10 This study
YBX-B FY1679-01B Δgal1-10-7, Δgal80 This study
YBX-PDR5 YBX-01 ΔPPDR5::PGAL1 This study
YBX-PDR10 YBX-01 ΔPPDR10::PGAL1 This study
YBX-PDR11 YBX-01 ΔPPDR11::PGAL1 This study
YBX-PDR12 YBX-01 ΔPPDR12::PGAL1 This study
YBX-PDR15 YBX-01 ΔPPDR15::PGAL1 This study
YBX-PDR18 YBX-01 ΔPPDR18::PGAL1 This study
YBX-SNQ2 YBX-01 ΔPSNQ2::PGAL1 This study
YBX-YOR1 YBX-01 ΔPYOR1::PGAL1 This study
YBX-AUS1 YBX-01 ΔPAUS1::PGAL1 This study
YBX-STE6 YBX-01 ΔPSTE6::PGAL1 This study
YBX-YOL075C YBX-01 ΔPYOL075C::PGAL1 This study
YBX-FZO1 YBX-01 ΔPFZO1::PGAL1 This study
YBX-MGM1 YBX-01 ΔPMGM1::PGAL1 This study
YBX-20 YBX-SNQ2 ΔPOLE1::PTEF1 This study
  1. aThe description of the genotype in the table is based on the parental strain