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Table 1 Comparison of amylase activity of P. oxalicum mutant A2-13 with other microbial strains in the literature

From: ARTP/EMS-combined multiple mutagenesis efficiently improved production of raw starch-degrading enzymes in Penicillium oxalicum and characterization of the enzyme-hyperproducing mutant

Microorganisms Starch substrate Enzyme activity (U/mL) References
P. oxalicum A2-13 Nature raw cassava flour 191.0 This study
P. oxalicum OXPoxGA15A Nature raw cassava flour 101.0 This study
P. oxalicum OXPoxGA15A Processed raw cassava flour 241.6 [15]
P. oxalicum ΔPoxKu70 Processed raw cassava flour 55.1 [15]
P. oxalicum GXU20 Nature raw cassava flour 20.0 [17]
Aspergillus fumigatus CFU-01 Soluble starch 24.9 [18]
Aspergillus sp. MZA-3 Raw cassava starch 3.3 [19]
Thermomucor indicae-seudaticae Uncooked soluble starch 34.0 [20]
Rhizopus sp. A-11 Uncooked soluble starch 190.0 [21]
Aureobasidium pullulans N13d Raw potato starch 10.0 [22]