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Table 1 Plasmids and strains used in this study

From: Protein-based biorefining driven by nitrogen-responsive transcriptional machinery

pSA69PLlacO1: alsS-ilvC-ilvDp15AKanamycin[17]
pYX97PLlacO1: leuDH-kivD-yqhD; lacIcolE1Ampicillin[3]
pLM1PLlacO1: alsS-ilvC-ilvD-avtAp15AKanamycinThis study
pLM2rrnBp1: alsS-ilvC-ilvD-avtAp15AKanamycinThis study
pLM3rrnBp1: leuDH-kivD-yqhD; lacIcolE1AmpicillinThis study
pLM4J23100: alsS-ilvC-ilvD-avtAp15AKanamycinThis study
pLM5J23100: leuDH-kivD-yqhD; lacIcolE1AmpicillinThis study
pLM6glnAp2: alsS-ilvC-ilvD-avtAp15AKanamycinThis study
pLM7glnAp2: leuDH-kivD-yqhD; lacIcolE1AmpicillinThis study
pLM8argTp: alsS-ilvC-ilvD-avtAp15AKanamycinThis study
pLM9argTp: leuDH-kivD-yqhD; lacIcolE1AmpicillinThis study
pLMg1argTp: gfpp15AKanamycinThis study
pLMg2astCp: gfpp15AKanamycinThis study
pLMg3ddpXp: gfpp15AKanamycinThis study
pLMg4glnHp2: gfpp15AKanamycinThis study
pLMg5glnKp: gfpp15AKanamycinThis study
pLMg6nacp: gfpp15AKanamycinThis study
pLMg7pabB: gfpp15AKanamycinThis study
pLMg8patAp: gfpp15AKanamycinThis study
pLMg9puuPp: gfpp15AKanamycinThis study
pLMg10rutAp: gfpp15AKanamycinThis study
pLMg11yhdWp: gfpp15AKanamycinThis study
XL10-GoldTetrΔ(mcrA)183 Δ(mcrCB-hsdSMR-mrr)173 endA1 supE44 thi-1 recA1 gyrA96 relA1 lac Hte [F´ proAB lacIqZΔM15 Tn10 (Tetr) Amy Camr]Agilent technologies
JCL16BW25113/F’ [traD36, proAB+, lacIqZΔM15[18]
LM10A JCL16 mutant with enhanced ability to utilize amino acids[3]
LM11LM10 with ΔgdhA, ΔgltBThis study
LM12LM10 with ΔgdhA, ΔgltDThis study
LM13LM10 with ΔglnA, ΔgdhAThis study
LM14LM10 with ΔglnA, ΔgdhA, ΔlsrAThis study
LM15LM14 with plasmids pYX97 and pLM1This study
LM16LM14 with plasmids pLM2 and pLM3This study
LM17LM14 with plasmids pLM4 and pLM5This study
LM18LM14 with plasmids pLM6 and pLM7This study
LM19LM14 with plasmids pLM8 and pLM9This study