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Table 10 GHG emission analysis of railway transport

From: Assessing the sweet sorghum-based ethanol potential on saline–alkali land with DSSAT model and LCA approach

Transport method Distance (km) Fuel intensity [40,41,42] Carbon emission factor [31, 40,41,42] Percentage GHG emission (kg CO2 eq /t ethanol)a
Railway transport with diesel 500 3.27 L/(thousand t·km) 0.85 kg CO2 eq/L 38% 1.39
Railway transport with electricity 500 11.2 kWh/(thousand t·km) 0.26 kg CO2 eq/kWh 62% 1.456
Summary 100% 1.43
  1. aGHG emissions are the energy inputs of transportation times carbon emission factors and the proportion of transportation mode