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Table 1 Scenarios from a combination of land use change, harvest season, and energy source

From: Life cycle greenhouse gas emissions of ethanol produced via fermentation of sugars derived from shrub willow (Salix ssp.) hot water extraction in the Northeast United States

Scenario name Previous land use Biorefinery energy source Harvest season
CBS1 Cropland Biomass Summer
CBW2 Cropland Biomass Winter
CNS3 Cropland Natural gas Summer
CNW4 Cropland Natural gas Winter
MBS3 Mixed (11.3% G and 88.7% C) Biomass Summer
MBW4 Mixed (11.3% G and 88.7% C) Biomass Winter
GBS5 Grassland Biomass Summer
GBW6 Grassland Biomass Winter
GNS7 Grassland Natural gas Summer
GNW8 Grassland Natural gas Winter
  1. The proportions on the mixed land use scenario is based on the distribution of cropland and grassland that is needed to meet the annual feedstock demand of a 255,500 Mg biorefinery