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Table 2 Click chemistry-functionalized monosaccharides already applied to plants as chemical reporters

From: Current and future advances in fluorescence-based visualization of plant cell wall components and cell wall biosynthetic machineries

Monosaccharide Click-reaction Tissue Compound Live/fixed Ref
Alkynyl fucose CuAAC Roots RG-I Cu(I) toxic [164, 172]
Azido Kdo CuAAC Roots RG-II Cu(I) toxic [173]
BY-2 cells
Alkynyl glucose CuAAC Root hairs n.d.a Arrests growth, [174]
Cu(I) toxic
Azido Glc, Ara, SPAAC Roots n.d. Live [168]
azido Fuc, Gal, SPAAC Live
cyclopropene Glc \(\hbox {DA}_{{inv}}\) Live
GlcNAz CuAAC Roots N-linked Cu(I) toxic [179]
Alkynyl Fuc CuAAC Roots n.d. Cu(I) toxic [180]
Azido Fuc, Kdo SPAAC Roots Live  
GlcNAz SPAAC Roots Live  
GalNAz SPAAC Roots \(\text {toxic}\)c  
Alkynyl fucose CuAAC Flax stem n.d.b Cu(I) toxic [178]
  1. n.d. not determined, Kdo 3-deoxy-d-manno-oct-2-ulosonic acid. Glc glucose, Ara arabinose, Fuc fucose, Gal galactose. GlcNAz N-azidoacetylglucosamine, GalNAz N-azidoacetylgalactosamine
  2. a Incorporation hypothesized in callose or \(\beta \)-1,4 glucan by CSLD3.
  3. b Incorporation into non-cellulosic polysaccharides.
  4. c Moderate inhibition of root growth