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Table 2 Comparison of the kinetic parameters of Rhodosporidium sp. DR37 at production phase (0–72 h) and stationary phase (72–120 h) in optimized medium

From: Rhodosporidium sp. DR37: a novel strain for production of squalene in optimized cultivation conditions

Kinetic parameters Optimized medium
Production phase (0–72 h) Stationary phase (72–120 h)
μmax (h−1) 0.092
qs (h−1) 0.226
qp (h−1) 0.036
qsq (h−1) 0.010
Yx/s (%) 28.1a 11.9b
Yp/s (%) 16.3a − 66.3b
Ysq/s (%) 3.5a − 27.4b
  1. Different letters (a, b) in the same row show significant difference between the parameters (p ˂ 0.05). μmax maximum specific cell growth rate, qp specific lipid accumulation rate, qsq specific squalene accumulation rate, qs specific sucrose consumption rate, Yx/s growth yield, Yp/s lipid yield, Ysq/s squalene yield