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Table 2 Potential α-galactosidases, β-galactosidases in strain A12 and the basic characteristics

From: Whole conversion of agro-industrial wastes rich in galactose-based carbohydrates into lipid using oleaginous yeast Aureobasidium namibiae

Proteins Accession Function Super family Amino acids Signal peptide
GalA MW302897 α-galactosidase GH36 750 Yes
GalB MW302898 α-galactosidase GH27 452 Yes
GalC MW302899 α-galactosidase GH27 522 No
GalD MW298673 β-galactosidase GH2 858 No
GalE MW298674 β-galactosidase GH35 1001 Yes
GalF MW298675 β-galactosidase GH35 1002 Yes
GalG MW298676 β-galactosidase GH35 1009 Yes
GalH MW298673 β-galactosidase GH7 1071 No