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Table 1 Identification of MnP-producing/TAG-accumulating yeasts based on BLAST comparisons to the GeneBank database

From: Wood-feeding termite gut symbionts as an obscure yet promising source of novel manganese peroxidase-producing oleaginous yeasts intended for azo dye decolorization and biodiesel production

Isolate code Yeast species Strain Accession no. Closest relative [accession no.] Sequence identity (%)
PPY-4 [Candida] stauntonica SSA1653 KY172950 Candida stauntonica strain ATCC MYA-4699 [JQ812698] 95.40
PPY-11 Meyerozyma caribbica (former Candida fermentati) SSA1654 KY172951 Meyerozyma caribbica strain LZ-12 [JQ686909] 99.30
PPY-18 Vanrija humicola (former Cryptococcus humicola) SSA1514 KX791400 Vanrija humicola strain SSA1520 [KX791406] 99.34
PPY-22 Meyerozyma guilliermondii (former Pichia guilliermondii) SSA1547 KX907633 Meyerozyma guilliermondii strain ML4 [MK907983] 100.00
PPY-27 Sterigmatomyces halophilus SSA1655 KY172952 Sterigmatomyces halophilus strain KU-79 [MG815870] 99.67
PPY-32 Fellozyma inositophila SSA1579 KX791364 Fellozyma inositophila strain CBS 7310 [AF189987] 95.44
PPY-35 Debaryomyces hansenii SSA1502 KX791388 Debaryomyces hansenii strain LL2 [EU131182] 99.49