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Table 2 Modeled algal feedstock composition, based on a weighted average of multiple strains across all months of cultivation reflecting year-long outdoor test-bed cultivation campaigns conducted under the DISCOVR consortium [34]

From: Techno-economic assessment for the production of algal fuels and value-added products: opportunities for high-protein microalgae conversion

Elemental, ash free dry weight (AFDW) Average composition (wt %)
C 51.5
H 7.6
O 30.2
N 9.3
S 0.2
P 1.2
Total 100.0
Component (dry wt%)
 Ash 11.0
 Protein 40.0
 Lipidsa 9.2
 Non-fuel polar lipid impurities 5.5
 Fermentable carbohydrates 19.3
 Other carbohydrates 3.6
 Cell mass 11.4
 Total 100.0
  1. aReported as FAME, roughly equivalent to the portion of lipids convertible to fuels