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Table 6 Parameters used in ADM1 simulations in the batch reactor [29, 62,63,64]

From: Modelling of autogenerative high-pressure anaerobic digestion in a batch reactor for the production of pressurised biogas

Parameter Expression Value Unit
Cac Carbon content of acetate 0.0313 kmol C (kg COD)−1
CCH4 Carbon content of methane 0.0156 kmol C (kg COD)−1
Ka,ac Acid dissociation constant of acetate 1.738∙10–5 mol L−1
Ka,CO2 Acid dissociation constant of CO2 at temperature 303 K 4.700∙10–7 mol L−1
kA/Bac Acid–base kinetic constant of acetate 1∙1010 L mol−1 d−1
kA/Bco2 Acid–base kinetic constant of CO2 1∙1010 L mol−1 d−1
kdec,Xac First-order decay rate 0.0200–0.0400 d−1
KH,CH4 Henry’s law coefficient of CH4 at temperature 303 K 0.0013 mol L−1 bar−1
KH,CO2 Henry’s law coefficient of CO2 at temperature 303 K 0.0308 mol L−1 bar−1
kLa Overall gas–liquid mass transfer coefficient 200* d−1
km,ac Monod maximum specific uptake rate for acetate 4.100–7.800 kg COD kg COD −1 d−1
KS,ac Half-saturation value for acetate 0.0500–0.600 kg COD m−3
Kw Ion constant for water 1.450∙10–14 mol L−1
R Ideal gas constant 0.0831 bar L mol−1 K−1
Tbase Absolute temperature in standard condition 298.15 K
Top Absolute temperature in digester 303.15 K
Yac Yield of biomass on acetate 0.0500
  1. *Overall gas–liquid mass transfer coefficient for both CO2 and CH4