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Table 3 Assumptions for the sensitivity analysis

From: Technoeconomic evaluation of recent process improvements in production of sugar and high-value lignin co-products via two-stage Cu-catalyzed alkaline-oxidative pretreatment

Factors Low values Base case High values
Sugar usage Sugars from pre-extraction not included All sugars included N/A
Lignin value as a polyol $0.60/kg lignin $0.80/kg lignin $1.00/kg lignin
Named monomer price $1.00/kg $2.00/kg N/A
H2O2 price $750/tonne $1000/tonne $1250/tonne
Pretreatment vessel capital cost $23.78 MM $31.71 MM $39.64 MM
Oxygen usage 28.1 g/kg poplar 37.5 g/kg poplar 46.9 g/kg poplar