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Table 4 Comparison of lipid productivity by semi-continuous and laboratory-scale cultivation

From: Development of a stable semi-continuous lipid production system of an oleaginous Chlamydomonas sp. mutant using multi-omics profiling

Strain Nitrogen condition (concentration) Lipid content (%) Lipid productivity (mg L−1 day−1) References
Chlorella sp. Urea-limitation (0.5 mM) 38–47 139 Hsieh and Wu [19]
Chlorella pyrenoidosa Nitrate-limitation (~ 2.4 mM) 20–30 115 Han et al. [18]
Chlamydomonas sp. KAC1801 Nitrate-replete (> 11.8 mM) 20–27 117 This study