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Figure 2

From: Combining hot-compressed water and ball milling pretreatments to improve the efficiency of the enzymatic hydrolysis of eucalyptus

Figure 2

Effect of milling time on glucan (a) and xylan (b) digestibility of eucalyptus treated with combined hot-compressed water and ball milling. The residues were pretreated for 30 minutes with hot-compressed water (140-200°C), then dried and milled using ball-milling treatment with pulverisette 7. The pretreated substrates (5%) were hydrolyzed with an enzyme cocktail (4 FPU/g substrate) for 72 hours. Yields of hydrolyzed glucose and xylose are expressed as a percentage of theoretical amount based on the glucan and xylan contents, respectively, in the dry weight of untreated biomass.

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