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Figure 7

From: Aiming for the complete utilization of sugar-beet pulp: Examination of the effects of mild acid and hydrothermal pretreatment followed by enzymatic digestion

Figure 7

Solubilization of individual sugars after pretreatment and subsequent enzymatic digestion. Values were transformed into a heat map ranging from white (0% solubilization) to black (100% solubilization). (A) Solubilization of individual sugars after pretreatment (percentage compared with starting material). (B) Total yields of the main sugars that were solubilized after pretreatment and 24 hours of enzyme digestion. Values are expressed as % w/w of the sugar content of sugar-beet pulp before pretreatment. Ara = arabinose, Rha = rhamnose, Xyl = xylose, Man = mannose, Gal = galactose, Glc = glucose, UA = UAs, Total = total recovery of all sugars. Samples are shown horizontally from left to right in order of increasing severity of pretreatment.

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