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Table 3 Comparison, by spot assays, of growth of S. cerevisiae BY4741 cells and of the 11 deletion mutants that lack the genes found to provide resistance against ethanol, acetic acid and furfural or vanillin.

From: Identification of candidate genes for yeast engineering to improve bioethanol production in very high gravity and lignocellulosic biomass industrial fermentations

Strain/medium WSHa MM4 + inhibitorsb
BY4741 ++ ++
Δprs3 + -
Δrav1 ++ ++
Δppa1 ++ ++
Δend3 ++ ++
Δerg24 ++ ++
Δerg2 + -
Δnat3 ++ ++
Δvma8 + +
Δgcs1 ++ ++
Δrpb4 + +
Δtps1 ++ ++
  1. Cells used to prepare the spots were cultivated in YPD liquid medium until mid-exponential phase (OD600 nm = 1.5 ± 0.2) and then applied as spots (4 μL) into the surface of the agar plates containing different growth media. The yeast strains were inoculated in triplicate.aRelative to the growth in standard YPD growth medium; b supplemented with the same mixture of inhibitors found in the hydrolysate, relative to the growth in MM4 medium (without inhibitors). +++ growth; + partial growth; - no growth. MM4: minimal growth medium 4; WSH: wheat straw hydrolysate; YPD: yeast extract peptone dextrose.