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Figure 5

From: Cyanobacterial biomass as carbohydrate and nutrient feedstock for bioethanol production by yeast fermentation

Figure 5

Effect of lysozyme on glucose mobilization from Synechococcus hydrolysate. Carbohydrate-loaded Synechococcus biomass (see Figure 3) were hydrolyzed by treatment with lysozyme and alpha-glucanases as described in the methods and materials section (including incubation at 34°C for 48 hours after addition of Spirizyme® Fuel), except that the freshly-harvested cell paste were either stored at 4°C (solid circles) or at -20°C (open circles) for 1 hour prior to enzyme treatments and that the lysozyme concentration was varied as indicated. The released glucose in the supernatant of the biomass-enzyme mixture was determined by high-performance liquid chromatography. The total glucose concentration from the added biomass was about 15 g L-1 (as determined by monosaccharide analysis of acid-hydrolyzed biomass) and corresponds to 100% in the figure.

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