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Figure 2

From: The JatrophaFT ortholog is a systemic signal regulating growth and flowering time

Figure 2

Functional analysis of JcFT in Arabidopsis . (A) Left pot: Arabidopsis ft-10; right pot: 35S:JcFT/ft-10. (B) Flowering time for WT (Col-0) control, ft-10 and 35S:JcFT/ft-10 plants. Values are mean ± SD (n = 8). (C) Comparison of plant size of WT and transgenic complementation line of 35S:JcFT/ft-10. (D) Arabidopsis ft-10 mutant remaining in vegetative growth. (E) Arabidopsis WT (Col-0) control. (F) Transgenic line #3 expression JcFT. (G) Transgenic line #15 with JcFT strong expression of 35S:JcFT/Col-0. The primary shoot is early-terminated by strong expression of JcFT (white arrow). Red arrows indicate axillary branches. Inset in (G) shows the typical upward curling cauline leaf phenotype in transgenic lines of 35S:JcFT/Col-0. Bars: 1 cm.

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