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Table 4 Strains used in this study

From: Metabolic engineering of microbes for branched-chain biodiesel production with low-temperature property

Strains Description Reference
BL21(DE3) E. coli B dcm ompT hsdS(r B ˉm B ˉ)gal Invitrogen
TL101 E. coli BL21(DE3): ΔfadE Reference [17]
BL21/pDG104 BL21(DE3) derivative;{pDG104} This study
BL21/pDG104/pDG105 BL21(DE3) derivative;{pDG104, pDG105} This study
TL101/pDG104/pDG105 BL21(ΔfadE) derivative;{pDG104, pDG105} This study
BL21/pDG110 BL21(DE3) derivative;{pDG110} This study
TL101/pDG110 BL21(ΔfadE) derivative;{pDG110} This study
TL101/pDG104/pDG105/pDG110 BL21(ΔfadE) derivative;{pDG104, pDG105, pDG110} This study
GS115 his4, Mut + Biovector
P. pastoris/pDG103 GS115 derivative;{pDG103} This study