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Fig. 4

From: Transcriptional program for nitrogen starvation-induced lipid accumulation in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii

Fig. 4

Metabolic targets for higher relative TAG to biomass ratio. a Model-predicted consequences of transcriptional downregulation on relative TAG per unit biomass. Dots represent prediction for 57 metabolic enzymes whose downregulation resolves in increased TAG per unit biomass (above the diagonal, ρ > 1). Among these 57 metabolic targets, only 10 genes (blue dots) are uniquely downregulated in N starvation, and 40 genes are also downregulated during S starvation (green dots). Five genes are downregulated in N, S and P (orange dots) and just one, Cre02.g082750, is downregulated in N and P only (red dot). b Average expression profiles during N starvation for the metabolic targets grouped as in a. c Network of transcriptional regulatory influences on metabolic targets. Each circle node represents a TR (colored as in Fig. 3). Edges represent the predicted regulatory influence of a given TR on specific genes across the different starvation responses (squared nodes). Edge labels indicate the number of genes regulated by each TR, one if no label is present

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