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Table 2 Microalgae harvesting capableness of different technologies at pilot or large-scale conditions

From: Harvesting of freshwater microalgae with microbial bioflocculant: a pilot-scale study

Harvesting techniques Microalgal species Treated volume (L) Harvesting efficiency (%) References
Flocculation with B. licheniformis broth Desmodesmus brasiliensis 50–200 ≥98 This study
pH increment Tetraselmis suecica, Chaetoceros calcitrans, Chlorella muelleri, Skeletonema sp., Rhodomonas salina, Attheya septentrionalis, Nitzschia closterium, Chlorella muelleri, Thalassiosira pseudonana 10–1000 ≥80 [28]
Foam fractionation Chaetoceros sp. 220 90 [41]
Foam flotation Chlorella sp. 10–10.2 ≥92 [27, 54]
Flocculation Scenedesmus sp. 1000 >96 [38]
Gravity sedimentation coupled with filtration Staurosira sp., Desmodesmus sp. 200 80 [37]
Centrifugation Chaetoceros muelleri 550 90 [40]
Flotation under vacuum Not precised 2000 49.5 [39]
  1. The table presents reported data about the efficiency of different technologies applied in microalgae harvesting at pilot or large-scale conditions in order to compare with the experimental results described in the present article