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Fig. 8

From: Energy-efficient biomass processing with pulsed electric fields for bioeconomy and sustainable development

Fig. 8

Figure adapted from [129, 131]

Flow process protocol for protein electroextraction from yeasts. In the lab scale pilot configuration, the volume of the pulsing chamber is set to 1.5 ml. Due to the low solution conductance, the current is only 1.2 A for the voltage of 1.8 kV needed to get the field strength of 3 kV/cm. Under the pulsing parameters (30 pulses per second with 2 × 103 µs duration), the average power is 130 kW/l. A 26 °C temperature increase is associated to the flow PEF but cooling after the treatment is fast. This explains why there is no loss of enzymatic activity in the extracted proteins

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