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Fig. 5

From: In muro deacetylation of xylan affects lignin properties and improves saccharification of aspen wood

Fig. 5

Analysis of lignin–carbohydrate complexes (LCC) in transgenic and WT trees. Ball milled wood (BMW) from WT and transgenic lines 8, 4, and 17 was fractionated as described in “Methods”. a Weights of different LCC fractions. Mean ± SE, data from two experiments. P values above the line correspond to the probability that the higher summed LCC mass in transgenic lines is due to chance (ANOVA). The compounds in the LCC fractions were deduced from sugar, cellulose (Additional file 9), and lignin analyses, and the most abundant compounds are indicated by large font. b Acetyl bromide-soluble lignin content in each LCC fraction. Mean ± SE, n = 3, as in Fig. 4. **Significantly different means in transgenic lines at P ≤ 0.05 (ANOVA)

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