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Table 1 Comparison of Simpson’s Diversity Index values for MFC communities at different developmental stages. The enumeration method refers to sequenced 16S rRNA gene amplicons (OTUs) or LC–MS/MS-identified proteins assigned to taxonomical groups by GhostKOALA. The error term is the standard deviation across microbial consortia for three independent replicate MFC anodes. GhostKOALA protein information for solution and mature biofilm communities is not available (NA) since proteomics analysis was not conducted on those samples

From: Meta-proteomic analysis of protein expression distinctive to electricity-generating biofilm communities in air-cathode microbial fuel cells

Enumeration method Solution Early Intermediate Mature
OTUs 0.28 ± 0.13 0.30 ± 0.12 0.85 ± 0.03 0.50 ± 0.05
GhostKOALA proteins NA 0.43 ± 0.07 0.80 ± 0.01 NA