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Table 1 Pigment analysis of WT and e8 mutant strain

From: Improved lipid productivity in Nannochloropsis gaditana in nitrogen-replete conditions by selection of pale green mutants

 Chl/cell (%)chl aChl/carVioVauAntheraCanthaZeaβ-car
  1. Chlorophyll content per cell (Chl/cell) was set to 100% in the case of WT. The concentration of pigments in pmol was determined by HPLC and normalized to 100 pmol of chlorophyll a (Chl). Violaxanthin: vio, vaucheriaxanthin: vau, β-carotene: β-Car, antheraxanthin: anthera, zeaxanthin: zea, canthaxanthin: cantha. Standard deviations (s.d.) are reported for the different values (n = 5 for Chl/cell values, n = 3 for the other values). Significantly different values are marked with * if p < 0.05, as determined by unpaired two-sample t-test (n = 3)