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Thematic series
Transforming CO2 to Algal lipids and specialty compounds
Edited by: Dr Jin Liu, Dr Yandu Lu, and Dr. Yantao Li


Thematic series
Non-conventional yeast-based processes for conversion of renewable feedstocks into bioproducts
Edited by: Dr Elia Tomás-Pejó, Dr Antonio D. Moreno, and Dr. Cecilia Geijer


Thematic series
Transitioning towards GHG neutrality: The role of bioeconomy
Edited by: Dr Lorie Hamelin and Dr Rebecca Hanes 


Thematic series
Analytical Methods in Plant Biomass Characterization and Valorization
Edited by: Dr Breeanna Urbanowicz, Dr Maria Peña, and Dr William Barnes


Thematic series
Lytic polysaccharide monooxygenases
Edited by: Dr Jean-Guy Berrin and Dr Paul Walton


Thematic series
The US-DOE Bioenergy Science Center (BESC): Findings and Perspectives
Edited by: Prof Edward Bayer, Dr Brian Davison and Dr Michael Himmel

Thematic series
Life cycle analysis
Edited by: Dr Michael Wang


Thematic series
Chemicals and bioproducts from biomass
Edited by: Prof James du Preez


Thematic series
Special issue from the 20th International Symposium on Alcohol Fuels (ISAF 2013): Alcohol fuels enabling sustainable development
Edited by: Prof Willem H van Zyl

Thematic series
Pretreatment - highlights from the NSERC Bioconversion Network Pretreatment Workshop
Edited by: Prof Jack Saddler, Dr Linoj Kumar


Thematic series
Transgenic plants for enhanced biofuel production


Thematic series
The life and lifework of Mary Mandels - first lady of cellulase research